Crypto Superheroes: Top Influencers Using Their Superpowers For Good

May 25, 2018
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May 25, 2018 BlockWealth Capital

Crypto Superheroes: Top Influencers Using Their Superpowers For Good

Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Influencers Using Their Superpowers For Good


Article by: Crypto Currency News

We compiled a list of our favorite superhero cryptocurrency and blockchain influencers… Crypto Superheroes: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Heroes Using Their Influence & Superpowers For Good

Andreas M. Antonopoulos | Clark Kent (Superman)

Represents the best attributes of humanity and the ultimate force of good.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas is an advocate for spreading awareness and providing educational content about Bitcoin (and decentralized cryptocurrencies in general).

He has written and published more than 200 articles on everything ranging from cryptography, security, distributed networks, cloud computing and Bitcoin, all the way to the ethics and politics of distributed systems. His recorded lectures and interviews on Youtube, provide technical and theoretical education on the subject of Bitcoin.

Andreas is a critically-acclaimed author, speaker, educator, and Bitcoin and blockchain, expert. His goal is to make complex subjects accessible and easily understood. His talks combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdotes, and historical precedent—transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

Antonopoulos authored the books: “Mastering Bitcoin”—a technical guide about the technology, and “The Internet of Money”, which unveiled the “why” of Bitcoin. These books were well regarded. Other titles include The Internet of Money Volume Two (2017) and Mastering Ethereum (2018).

In 2014, Antonopoulos was appointed a teaching fellow with the University of Nicosia, the first university in the world to offer a Masters Degree in Digital Currency. He helped to develop the curriculum and continues to co-teach the Introduction to Digital Currencies course that is offered as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

He serves on the Oversight Committee for the Bitcoin Reference Rate at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has appeared as an expert witness in various capacities, testifying in hearings of the Australian Senate Banking Committee and the Canadian Senate Commerce, Banking, and Finance Committee—his testimony for the latter influenced public policy regarding Bitcoin in Canada and globally.

Nick Szabo | Mystery Man

Nick Szabo is a living legend in both the cryptocurrency and cryptography worlds.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Nick Szabo

Although he’s not a household name, Nick Szabo is well known among crypto enthusiasts. A computer scientist and a legal scholar, he married his two central interests and, in 1996, gave birth to the concept of “smart contracts.” Many years later, smart contracts became the central feature of the Ethereum blockchain protocol and gave rise to a whole new way of commerce on the Internet.

As a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency, Nick Szabo’s body of work is extensive. Nick is probably best known in the cryptocurrency circles by his paper on Bit Gold. This paper is believed by many to have laid the foundation for Bitcoin. In the paper, Szabo clearly identifies the problem of the dependence of modern financial systems on a third trusted party and envisions an alternative.


Don Tapscott | Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

A true polymath who dabbles in numerous scientific disciplines, Reed Richards is widely considered to be the smartest person in the world. He has masterminded scores of inventions, experiments, and theories that have had a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe. His countless patents have funded the existence of the Fantastic Four for years, providing them with the financial wherewithal to explore the cutting edge frontiers of known science.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on business and society. He has authored 16 books, including Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, which has been translated into over 25 languages.

Don’s most recent and ambitious book was co-authored with his son, startup CEO and Bitcoin governance expert, Alex Tapscott. Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Underlying Bitcoin is Changing Business, Money and the World was published in May 2016 and is, according to Harvard Business School’s Clay Christensen, “the book, literally, on how to survive and thrive in this next wave of technology-driven disruption.”

In 2008, Don Tapscott has overseen a $4.5m study of nearly 8,000 people in 12 countries born between 1978 and 1994. In “Grown Up Digital” he uses the results to paint a portrait of this generation that is entertaining, optimistic and convincing. The problem, he suspects, is befuddled baby-boomers, who once sang along with Bob Dylan that “something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is”, and now find that they are clueless about the revolutionary changes taking place among the young.

“As the first global generation ever, the Net Geners are smarter, quicker and more tolerant of diversity than their predecessors,” Mr. Tapscott argues. “These empowered young people are beginning to transform every institution of modern life.”

Contrary to the claims that video games, Facebook, and constant text-messaging have robbed today’s youth of the ability to think, Mr. Tapscott believes that “Net Geners” are the “smartest generation ever”. The experience of parents who grew up watching television is misleading when it comes to judging the 20,000 hours on the internet and 10,000 hours playing video games already spent by a typical 20-year-old American today. “The Net Generation is in many ways the antithesis of the TV generation,” he argues. One-way broadcasting via television created passive couch potatoes, whereas the net is interactive, and, he says, stimulates and improves the brain.

There is growing neuroscientific support for this claim. People who play video games, for example, have been found to process complex visual information more quickly. They may also be better at multi-tasking than earlier generations, which equips them better for the modern world.

As if that’s not impressive enough, Don is ranked 2nd most influential management thinker, and number one Digital Thinker in the world by Thinkers50He’s also an Adjunct Professor at the Rotman School of Management and Chancellor of Trent University in Ontario.

Tim Draper | Iron Man

Eccentric genius. billionaire. philanthropist.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Tim Draper

The formidable Silicon Valley venture capitalist became a Bitcoin enthusiast before it was cool. A man who needs no introduction in the world of finance, he is a colossal figure responsible for a number of companies that span many business niches.

He is also one of the few mainstream finance magnates who has shown open support for Bitcoincryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. His support for the crypto revolution hasn’t just been in words but he has also demonstrated this support by investing in a number of blockchain-based startups.

The moment Draper heard about Bitcoin, he was in. Draper invested $250,000 when the price was at $6. He lost it all in the collapse of the Mt. Gox exchange in 2014, but Draper was not deterred. In the same year, he is reported to have paid less than $20 million for nearly 32,000 Bitcoin auctioned by the U.S. Marshalls Service — coins that had been confiscated from Ross Ulbricht and his online black marketplace- Silk Road. Since then Draper says he has made 40 more crypto investments.

When asked during a debate how the digital currency compared to his early investments in Tesla, Hotmail, and Skype, Draper said Bitcoin will be “bigger than all of those combined.” One of his fundamental principles is the belief that technology has the potential to transform the world. Tim also founded Draper University- Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurship program. Think of it as startup “Bootcamp” and a crash course in business and entrepreneurship.

Tim Draper doesn’t just invest in blockchain projects, he is also a positive voice and influence in the industry. Many notable figures in mainstream finance maintain either a stoic ambivalence on the market or are harsh critics of the industry. Tim, on the other hand, has never ceased to be optimistic about the future of the industry. For example, in the aftermath of the China ICO ban, while there was widespread panic, Tim maintained that China was making a grave mistake and that they would see themselves falling behind the rest of the world. He predicted that Japan would become the crypto powerhouse in the Asian theater.

Such is his enthusiasm for cryptocurrency that he wrote an open letter to the United States SEC regarding whether Credo tokens, the token of one of the ICOs that he invested in were indeed securities. He made a case for why they weren’t securities and he advised the commission on how best to regulate the expanding crypto ICO space.

Mike Novogratz | The Hulk

Hulk’s strength increases proportionally with his level of emotional stress – anger in particular. The Hulk can slam his hands together creating a shock wave that can actually deafen people.

This is believed to be have happened with J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon. After Dimon publicly called “Bitcoin a fraud”  Novogratz fought back against his opinions. A week later J.P. Morgan announced that they would be making the dive into cryptocurrency. Perhaps Novogratz helped to convince?

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Mike Novogratz

Defender of the Cryptocurrency Space

Mike Novogratz has always been a supporter of cryptocurrencies. He has refuted Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase’s CEO, who believes that cryptocurrency investing isn’t wise. Jamie Dimon, one of the most powerful and important bankers in the world, has never been an advocate of cryptocurrencies.

Novogratz, on the other hand, has defended this space. In response to Dimon, he said: “Jamie Dimon gets paid to worry about Bitcoin because he is a rent-taker. His bank is in the crosshairs of the crypto-revolution. He is going to lose,”.

Novogratz started a cryptocurrency hedge fund with $500 million dollars (of which $150 million of it was his own). But due to price correction in the cryptocurrency market, the fund is currently frozen, however, Novogratz impresses that the fund should start as soon as Bitcoin recovers from being traded under $6,000 dollars.

Novogratz developed his taste for risk as a varsity wrestler at Princeton University and later as a National Guard helicopter pilot. He dabbled in Bitcoin while still managing a macro fund at Fortress, but didn’t score his first big win until after leaving the New York-based firm two years ago.

Over the course of 2016 and into 2017, as Ether surged to almost $400 and Bitcoin topped $2,500, Novogratz sold enough to make about $250 million— the biggest haul of any single trade in his career. He said he paid tax on the profits, bought a Gulfstream G550 jet and donated an equal amount to a philanthropic project for criminal justice reform.

Ronnie Moas | Hawkeye “The World’s Greatest Marksman”

The rogue with a heart of gold. Hawkeye manages to defeat opponents who are considered “far superior” to him with intelligence and deadly accuracy. 

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Ronnie Moas

Renowned stock picker and founder of Standpoint Research, Ronnie Moas, has been giving fortune-making stock recommendations for the past 20 years. Moas developed his own 155-variable equity valuation model over a five-year period in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In fact, Moas was so good that he has been ranked in the Top 5 stock pickers worldwide (by % gain) for over a decade.

Moas has quickly become a trusted voice in the cryptocurrency space, especially when it comes to valuations and price forecasts. He has been spot on with a number of predictions in 2017 – which is impressive considering he only began analyzing the cryptocurrency market that year. Now, he is calling for the cryptocurrency market cap to soar to $2 trillion over the next ten years.

Having spent the last 20 years providing the very best stock analysis to various clientele, Moas has rubbed shoulders with some of the richest people out there. Perhaps that is why he has taken it upon himself to give back to the poorest of the poor, Robin Hood-esque, having seen wealth and greed in the ugliest light.

In an exclusive interview with Coin Telegraph, Moas spoke about his journey through Wall Street, his charitable endeavors and his new-found love for cryptocurrencies. In addition to his uncanny stock and crypto picking ability, over the past decade, Moas has been closely involved with Food for the Poor, one of the largest, five-star rated charity organizations in the US. Moas has devoted a lot his personal time, energy and resources to the charity.

As a personal champion for the charity, Moas aims to raise $10m in funds for the organization – which is used to collect and distribute humanitarian aid, materials and supplies to the 18 Caribbean and Latin American countries supported by Food for the Poor. In 2017, the charity built 5,000 double-unit concrete homes; distributed 4,000 container loads of humanitarian aid and more than 400 million meals. Administrative expenses were less than five percent. Highlighting the injustice of the modern world, Moas said wealthy individuals need to donate a fraction of their wealth to help others in need.

Matt Siebenthal | Wolverine

Wolverine’s strength goes beyond the surface of mere physicality, rather it extends to his humane qualities and character traits. Irreverent and rebellious towards authority figures, he is a reliable ally and capable leader. Preferring his private own solitude, than the limelight.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Matt Siebenthal

BlockWealth Capital‘s Matt Siebenthal is a true believer and proponent of blockchain. Perhaps rightly so, as he is rumored to have amassed a fortune from early investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Siebenthal left Wall Street to focus solely on the technology. It was around the same time that he discovered “the immense potential of blockchain” and decided that’s where his experience in finance and his interest in technology would merge.

One of the reasons that so many would like the opportunity to work with him is, in part, because of the way he launched BlockWealth. Siebenthal’s lucrative investments in early-stage blockchain technology companies and cryptocurrency enabled him to launch several projects in the space with his own money. The former professional investment manager and derivatives trader founded “The Blockchain Disruptor’s Initiative,” —the first tech incubator of its kind in South Florida. Siebenthal wants to bring together the “best ideas, talent and resources to fuel the next generation of disruptive technology innovators.”

Siebenthal is a private individual. Behind the scenes, he’s been responsible for launching and contributing to several projects, including some of the top educational blogs on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Even his philanthropic and civic affairs have been handled indirectly via a foundation.

The entrepreneur, a passionate bully-breed advocate, has published several articles and educational books on the breed. Siebenthal’s magazine has also played an integral role in improving the public’s perception while fighting stereotypes. He’s been featured on several media outlets including CNBC- highlighting the breed’s potential as service animals. Stories covered the life-changing impact these dogs can have, along with their untapped potential as therapy dogs. The breed “has helped a number of people feel like they’ve gotten a second lease on life.” children with autism to Veterans with PTSD.

Perianne Boring | Black Widow

She’s a truly selfless hero, giving of herself to benefit the team. In comparison to other heroes who need a reason to be a hero.  Black Widow, in opposition, does good for the sake of doing good.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Perianne Boring

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, economist, founder and CEO and former tv host— Perianne, was listed in Coindesk’s 10 Most Influential People in Blockchain 2016 and in 2015’s Top Woman in Bitcoin for her public policy accomplishments

Perianne Boring is the founder and president of The Chamber of Digital Commerce, which is the medium between the government in Washington, DC and the people, in regards to the use and acceptance of digital currencies. Perianne also authors and runs the Boring Bitcoin Report, very much not a boring resource for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.

Boring is a frequent speaker at FinTech conferences and has also testified to governments around the world. As mentioned earlier, she was named the top woman in Bitcoin for her efforts in public policy, promoting a pro-growth legal framework for digital assets.

She was the anchor of “Prime Interest,” an international finance program on RT America, which aired in over 100 countries to over 650 million viewers. As a host, she interviewed prominent people including Donald Trump , Ted Cruz , and Elizabeth Warren. Ms. Boring was also a contributor at Forbes.

It’s nice to have a superhero like Perianne on the cutting edge of Bitcoin’s move into the mainstream in the United States.

Elizabeth McCauley | Wonder Woman

With personality and personal morality that is incredibly inspiring. She demands truth in all aspects, including internally. The appeal of Wonder Woman isn’t her ability to fly, defeat almost any foe, or lack of weakness. Her appeal lies in the fact that, despite having an insane amount of physical and superhuman power, she always does what is right and just.

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Elizabeth McCauley

During her time serving members of Congress, Elizabeth McCauley contributed to the adoption of Bitcoin in the United States. Such was her enthusiasm that she has come to be known as the “Bitcoin Evangelist”. She utilized her considerable expertise in grassroots activism to bolster the adoption of Bitcoin within the United States.

Elizabeth is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Bitcoin Foundation. She is an advisor at both the BitGive Foundation and the Coin Congress.

Additionally, Elizabeth has had a considerable role in furthering the adoption of cryptocurrencies. She has pioneered advancement in the field, explaining the intricacies of digital assets and blockchain technology to the US Congress, (which struggled to even grasp the concept of Facebook; as we saw firsthand during Facebook’s meeting with the Congress a couple of months ago).

With a background in public policy, grassroots activism, and a keen desire to promote decentralization and individual liberties, Elizabeth is fascinated with Bitcoin and the multiple opportunities this peer to peer disruptive technology and movement can offer individuals around the world.

Amber Baldet | Skye

A hacktivist before being recruited by the military organization, S.H.I.E.L.D., she joined the Rising Tide, a computer activist group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. Superb hand-to-hand combatant, skilled all-around athlete and excellent marksman. She was a leading espionage agent, adept at undercover assignments. 

Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet clashes with everything the banking industry represents.

The very idea of cryptocurrency was to get around traditional institutions—banks and governments that have been the financial gatekeepers for decades—and create an entirely new payment system. So it’s somewhat ironic that when Bitcoin gained widespread attention Amber Baldet would be working at J.P. Morgan, one of the very banks that Bitcoin was designed to disrupt.

Amber’s passion for information systems and cypherpunk culture, bridges the gap between the free-wheeling crypto community and “stuffy” world of finance.

Baldet led the team at J.P. Morgan that’s developing Quorum, one of the most exciting corporate blockchain projects around. She has been considered a coding prodigy and she led the JPMorgan Blockchain Center of Excellence but now after eight years is set to leave the giant bank to start her own venture; developing software for businesses exploring blockchain.

According to Baldet, “The Internet of Value is just beginning to take shape, and it isn’t just about peer to peer payments,” she says. “We’re redefining how businesses and governments engage with each other, global citizens, and consumers. Building ethical, secure, scalable systems that work in the real world is a huge responsibility and I can’t wait to share what we’re working on.”

She’s a regular at hacker and crypto conferences and readily bridges the divide between Wall Street and the crypto set. Last week she spoke at Consensus 2018- the 4th annual blockchain technology summit hosted by CoinDesk.

Joseph Young | Peter Parker/Spider-Man


Crypto Superheroes

Crypto Superheroes | Joseph Young

Bright, imaginative, but nonetheless an alienated adolescent. Despite his best efforts, he is viewed with a touch of suspicion by those in authority (Mainstream anti-crypto media sites). 

His news web-shooters rest in the palm of his hand, his trigger similar to a computer’s mouse. Two taps in rapid succession release his webbing- spinning truth in the web. This wall-crawling wonder has earned the respect of the masses and is without equal.

Joseph is a financial analyst and journalist based in Hong Kong. Young is well-known in the crypto community for his regular contributions to Cointelegraph, Cryptocoinsnews, Hacked, Merkle and other publications.

He’s also the Managing Director at NewsCrypto and B21M, focusing primarily on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.

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